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Prathamastami: The Sacred Festival That Honors The Firstborns

Prathamastami: The Sacred Festival That Honors The Firstborns

Prathamastami is a festival celebrated in Odisha that honors the firstborns and prays for their well-being. At the end of the first year, the elder female relatives would give the child new clothes and a lighted lamp as an ovation. This is followed by rites where the Mantras are recited. The festival takes place on the eighth day of the Margashira month. In Odia homes, it is a very significant event. Delivered directly to your house, puja items delivery services in Bhubaneswar are all you need for this auspicious occasion. Read on for more details about the celebration, history, delicacies, and more.

About The Festival

Odisha, a state in eastern India, honors the family’s firstborn child and prays for their long life and riches with the renowned holiday Prathamastami. The maternal uncles also called the ‘Ashtami Bandhu,’ shower the firstborn with new garments, sweets, and other treats on this day. They are also offered a special sweet delicacy called Enduri Pitha, filled with cottage cheese, jaggery, and grated coconut. The event is celebrated on the eighth day of Krushna Pakhya in Margasira. Other names for this day are Papanashini Ashtami, Kaal Bhairav Ashtami, and Saubhagini Ashtami. Mothers and other relatives, especially the uncle on the mother’s side, perform Arati on the firstborn child. For this arati, you can easily order online puja material Bhubaneswar to get the items.

The Festival’s History

According to folklore, Lord Lingaraj visited Kapali Matha, his maternal uncle, on this day. Lord Baruneswar and Goddess Banadevi, maternal uncle and aunt, are the ruling deities of this matha.

Soubhagini Astami is another name for Prathamastami. Soubhagini Astami is another name for Prathamastami. Farmers bow down to Goddess Soubhagini on this day to express gratitude for the bountiful harvest and children she has bestowed upon them. Additionally, the now-extinct practice of worshiping Bhairav to remove ill or evil karma led to Prathamastami being named Kala Bhairabaastami.


The mother and other relatives pay tribute to the eldest child as part of the Arti ceremony. The maternal uncle provides the attire, jaggery, coconut, freshly produced rice, black gram, turmeric leaves, and other ritual necessities. With the help of puja items delivery services in Bhubaneswar, you can bring all these ritual supplies to your home.

Adorned with doob-grass and akshata, the child is smeared with sandal paste, flowers, and vermillion. As a meal offering, the family brings five varieties of sweets, cakes, and more to worship the gods, including Lord Ganesh and Ista Devi or Devata, who are invited with a water-filled pitcher covered with coconut and mango leaves. The offering also includes five flowers and five grains. Once the child’s new garments have been blessed with the sacred pitcher, they are presented with them and told to sit on a wooden pedestal. A Kalash is set up in front of them with handfuls of paddy. A coconut and a stalk of mango leaves are set on top. Then, the mother or other older woman prays to Sathi or Sathi Devi, wishing the child good health and a long life.


Odisha celebrates Prathamastami with great enthusiasm. Every home celebrates it, hoping their firstborn will live a long and prosperous life. They receive new garments and a traditional sweet called Enduri Pitha on this occasion. As a conventional Odia ceremony, the older female members of the home give the eldest child an ovation, hoping they will live long and prosper. Doing it correctly is essential as it is a sacred ritual. If you want puja items to carry out this ritual properly, check out puja items delivery services in Bhubaneswar. They can provide you with everything you need for this occasion.

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