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The Weekly Laxmi Puja In Margasira Masa

The Weekly Laxmi Puja In Margasira Masa

Every Thursday in the month of Margashira is a celebration in Odisha and the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. Every home you pass will have its front door decorated with ‘Jhoti-Chita,’ designs made from rice paste to celebrate Manabasa Gurubara. The decorations feature lovely floral patterns and incorporate little feet of Maa Lakshmi. Each lady of the house gently invites the goddess into her home and asks her to bless her family through this puja and decorations. There’s a lot to do during this time, and buying online pooja samagri can make preparations easier.

The Legend Of Manabasa Gurubara

Manabasa Gurubar’s legend is based on Lakshmi Puran. Untouchables were barred from worshiping and performing religious activities in ancient times. Sriya, a low-caste woman, worshipped and won over Goddess Lakshmi. After seeing this deep affection, Laxmi encourages rituals and devotion for all, especially the untouchables. Yet Lord Balabhadra disapproved. This caused Lakshmi to be separated from Lord Jagannath at the request of his brother Balabhadra.

Laxmi left the temple and cursed her husband and brother-in-law to suffer without shelter, food, or water, as they insulted her. Rejecting and disrespecting Laxmi caused this disaster. They discovered that the wealth Goddess didn’t care about impurities. Jagannatha eventually pleaded with his wife to go back to the shrine after apologizing to her. This narrative emphasizes that God is the same for everyone. The story’s focus on castism and its message of women’s empowerment is powerful.


Devi Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, is believed to make house visits during this month. Planning and shopping for puja items must be done beforehand for uninterrupted worshipping. You can get them quickly by doing puja samagri online shopping.

Cleaning The House:

Legend has it that Goddess Lakshmi will only visit clean homes. People think Goddess Lakshmi will never come to an unclean and messy house. Thus, during this blessed month, the women get up early to sweep the house with broomsticks.

Decorating The Home’s Entrance:

Chita, decorative designs made of ground semi-liquid rice paste, are typically plastered over the doorways and doorsteps of houses. After completing these jhotis or chitas, it is considered an offering to goddess Lakshmi; hence one should avoid walking on them. ‘Jhoti’ designs often feature floral motifs, such as the lotus (Maa Lakshmi’s favorite flower) or her footprint (Lakshmi Paada). The people of this place believe that drawing footprints is a way to invite the goddess Lakshmi to their house.

Read The Laxmi Puran:

All Oriya women read the Lakshmi Puran on this day. It signifies the end of this fortunate occasion. Doing puja and reading the Puran can bring many blessings to your home.

Using Manas In Decor:

Since it is harvest season and the time when grain is thrashed and stored, this celebration holds great significance. Manabasa comes from Odisha’s measurement unit, Mana. Until measuring scales were invented, paddy was weighted in mana, a cane or bamboo basket. In the rituals, it is filled with newly harvested paddy and used as a decorative.

Calling Upon Mahalaxmi:

Women worship Mahalakshmi with lamps, incense, and food. With online pooja samagri, you can easily buy all the necessary items for puja. Farmers and cultivators also begin to stock their sheds and barns with newly harvested paddy during this season, following months of hard work in the fields. They consider this good fortune to be Lakshmi’s blessing and pay respect to her every Thursday.


The celebration, known as Manabasa Gurubara, is watched over by Goddess Lakshmi. People believe the goddess herself visits their homes to ease their suffering. It takes place every Gurubara (Thursday) during Margasira Masa. Dipa, dhupa, puspha, sindoor, chandan, crimson silk cloth, and many other items are required for the puja. Online pooja samagri shopping makes getting everything you need to be delivered right to your door easy.

Worshipping is incomplete without unadulterated devotion and respect. Nevertheless, you may need guidance to show genuine devotion to the divine. Homeseva can help you with that. Everything you need, from samagris to pandits, is right here! To learn more about what we can do for you, visit our website.

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