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Why Is The Kartik Purnima Celebrated?

Why Is The Kartik Purnima Celebrated?

Karthik Purnima is a renowned festival celebrated by Hindus during the month of Kartik. This month is revered as the holiest for religious rituals. On this day, many fast and perform pujas in the belief that doing so will help them progress along the path of karma, dharma, and salvation. To ensure everything is done according to rituals, booking a pandit through online poojari booking for the auspicious Kartik Purnima Puja is recommended.

The Importance Of Kartik Purnima
  • Radha Krishna

This is a significant and sacred day for Radha and Krishna worship in the Vaishnavism tradition. On this day, Radha Krishna and his Gopis are believed to have performed Raslila.

On Kartik Purnima, the Jagannath Temple in Puri and other Radha Krishna temples hold Raslila performances to celebrate the big Kartik Purnima. During the month of Karthik, these temples also honor holy vows.

  • Shiva

Tripurari Purnima and Tripuri Purnima are alternate names for Kartik Purnima in various parts of the world. The name Tripurari is derived from the rival of the demon Tripurasura. The deity Shiva goes under the name Tripurari. Shiva killed Tripurasura on Kartik Purnima while he was in his Tripurantaka form.

Tripura, three celestial cities, was built after Tripurasura defeated the entire universe and its gods. After killing the demon with a single arrow, Shiva destroyed the three cities the asura had built. The gods declared this day “Dev-Diwali”—”Diwali of the gods”—a light festival.

  • Tulsi and Vishnu

Matsya, the fish-avatar of Vishnu, and Vrinda, the embodiment of the Tulsi’s birth anniversary, are both celebrated on Kartik Purnima. On this day, devotees also perform the Tulsi Vivah. Booking a Pandit through online poojari booking allows you to get detailed information on the Tulsi Vivah puja, including the vidhi, muhurat, and the importance of the ritual.

  • Kartikeya

Lord Kartikeya, son of Shiva and deity of war, is also born on this day and observed in southern India as his birthday. The dead, including ancestors and pitras, are honored on this day.

Celebrations, Vidhis, and Rituals of Kartik Purnima

  1. Take Sacred Bath

On this day, pilgrims take a sacred bath at designated locations, which they visit at sunrise and moonrise. There is a belief that the Kartik Snan is a holy bath. If you cannot travel to the pilgrimage location, you can do the ritual at home by adding Ganga Jal to your bathwater. After that, as a ritual offering to Lord Vishnu, light a Diya candle made of mustard oil or ghee.

2. Worship Lord Vishnu

Observers pay utmost respect to Lord Vishnu on this auspicious day. The idol of Lord Vishnu is worshipped with lights, incense sticks, and flowers. Devotees can offer prayers to Lord Vishnu on this day for the strength to conquer their fears and live a life of joy and serenity. You can search for an online pandit ji near me to assist you with your worship.

3. Boita Bandana

An annual boat celebration known as Boita Bandana takes place on Kartik Purnima and is marked by the setting afloat of several small boats by a large number of Odisha residents. This celebration honors the state’s maritime past.

4. Observe A Fast On The Sacred Day

When Kartik Purnima rolls around, all the devotees fast. On this auspicious day, Satyanarayana Vrat’s followers read the sacred text known as the Satyanarayana Katha.


Performing puja during Kartik Purnima, or the Kartik month, is highly auspicious. Having said that, you should seek a well-versed pandit in all the rites and mantras. Online poojari booking can connect you with knowledgeable pandits for your puja ceremony.

Our top priority here at Homeseva is ensuring our clients are happy. Like you, every one of our pandits performs the puja with complete devotion. We will handle all the details when you schedule a pandit with us. Visit our website now.

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