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The Significance Of Panchuka: Why Is It Celebrated?

The Significance Of Panchuka: Why Is It Celebrated?

Panchuka is the final five days of the sacred month of Kartika, celebrated in Odisha. From Bada Ekadashi to Kartika Purnima, five days, devotees of Lord Jagannath fast. This time is revered as sacred, and those who pay respect throughout the month believe it brings great rewards. Those seeking the convenience of having puja samagris delivered to their homes can consider using online pooja samagri services.

During the whole month of Kartika, the Odias refrain from eating anything that isn’t vegetarian. Those who cannot do so abstain from non-vegetarian food during Panchuka. Legend has it that even cranes have a religious transformation and stop eating fish around this time.

The Rituals of Panchuka

Lord Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi are honored during these five days. Furthermore, married women pray to Goddess Vrundavati, the demon Jalandhara’s wife, for a long life for their husbands by worshipping the sacred tulsi plant. Decorating with stunning Murujas or Rangolis is also part of the ritual. Online pooja samagri delivery helps you to have the items you need for adoration delivered right to your door.

According to Hindu beliefs, this is the favorite month of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, giving it tremendous sacred importance.

At Puri, Lord Jagannath changes his Bhesa (attire) every day for five days. He dons the clothes of Laxminarayan on the first day, followed by Bankachuda, Tribikrama, and finally Laxminrusingha Bhesa. On the last day of Panchuka, a significant day, the Lord blesses the devotees in Rajarajeswar Bhesa darshan.

Boita Bandana

Kartik Purnima, the Full Moon Day, is considered the most auspicious day of the month. On this day, Odia merchants, known as “Sadhabas,” would set sail for distant regions to transact business. The Odia people still perform the “Boita Bandana” today as a tribute to their illustrious history of Kalinga or Odisha.

To celebrate this unique occasion and pay homage to Kalinga’s long-standing maritime heritage, eco-friendly boats made from banana stems set sail into the rivers and ponds first thing in the morning.

Bottom Line

With each practiced Panchuka ritual, we do our part to keep the natural and human systems in balance. This one-of-a-kind festival has always been about bringing people together in harmony. Worshiping with more genuine and holy intents can help you connect with the supreme god. Online pooja samagri providers make it easy and convenient to deliver pooja samagris to your doorstep, making worshipping a breeze.

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