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The Role of Flowers in a Traditional Indian Wedding

The Role of Flowers in a Traditional Indian Wedding

Flowers have been used as a universal language for ages across different cultures. They are the representations of beauty and joy. However, their importance goes beyond their superficial beauty, especially in Indian weddings. When it comes time to make a lifelong commitment, flowers are ideal as they express human sentiment far beyond what words can say. The wedding season is quickly approaching, and with online flower delivery Bhubaneswar, you can easily have flowers sent to your home or hotel. They are the most pleasant method to decorate for a wedding and other events, setting a fresh tone for the entire occasion.

Use Of Flowers In Indian Wedding

Across pujas, religious sacrifices, festivals, and celebrations, flowers are used as one of the many unifying elements of Indian culture. They are more than just decoration; they are an essential part of the wedding ceremony. The bride’s hair, the groom’s veil (sehra), the decorated mandaps, the exchange of the Varmala after the Baarat—the start of the wedding—and the flower-filled blessings indicate just how important a role various kinds of flowers play in Indian weddings.

Meaning Around Different Flowers

Flower arrangements at an Indian wedding have deep symbolic meaning that complements the reverence of the occasion. Here is a list of some symbolic meanings associated with Indian wedding flowers:

  • Lotus

Lotus is a modern showstopper and a refreshing wedding option; it captivates and enchants your guests. The soft flowers, which come in a wide range of colors, can create stunning backdrops, arches, and intimate corners that infuse the occasion with life. You can get fresh lotus flowers delivered through online flower delivery Bhubaneswar.

  • Rose

Red flowers often show the love and affection the two have for each other. The most ubiquitous symbol of Valentine’s Day, the red rose, represents these emotions. The rose’s significance at weddings extends far beyond the boundaries of decoration and garlands; it is even included in the cuisine and drink.

  • Jasmine

White flowers symbolize the innocence of the love shared by the newlyweds. In Indian culture, the sweet-smelling jasmine blossom represents the purity of the love that the couple would share. These little white flowers traditionally decorate the veil (sehra) worn by the bride’s groom.

  • Marigold

Who wouldn’t wish for a happy, prosperous future for their partner? Flowers, especially wedding flowers like the cheerful marigold, provide a special glow to any celebration. They are used in every part of the ritual, from the garlands to the blessing they bestow on the newlyweds. They are a must-have for wedding events, and now it’s even easier to get them delivered using online flower delivery Bhubaneswar.

  • Sunflower

Captivating in their ornamental worth, the vibrant flowers offer a welcome diversion from reality. These flowers are often used throughout the mehendi and haldi ceremony to make beautiful backdrops, arches, and trailing floral strings.

Summing Up

Celebrations and ceremonies add brightness to our lives, like flowers do, all while forging new connections and strengthening old commitments. They are essential to liven up a wedding ceremony, and with online flower delivery Bhubaneswar, you can have them delivered right to your door.

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