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The Importance of Flowers in Puja Rituals

The Importance of Flowers in Puja Rituals

Whether you’re talking about worshipping, the environment, or our daily lives, everyone can agree that flowers are essential. Since ancient times, Rishis and other devotees have offered flowers to deities in pujas. Many Hindu gods, as depicted in art and described in the Puranas, are shown to have flowers in their hands or worn as ornamentation.

They are an integral element of every ceremony, and online flower delivery in Bhubaneswar makes it easy to get them for any ceremony without leaving the comfort of your home. Let’s look into the importance and advantages of flowers at puja and the types offered to various deities.

What Flower Symbolism In Puja

The significance of flowers in puja is revealed by tracing its roots back to the Sanskrit phrase for the ritual. The word puja itself is a combination of two Sanskrit syllables. The first two “Pu” symbolize flowers (Pushpa), while the latter two “Ja” stand for Japa (prayer chanting).

During Puja, Hindus traditionally present floral offerings to the deity. Flowers represent one of the most aesthetically pleasing aspects of nature; as one of the first beliefs of Hinduism, worshiping the components of nature, or “Prakriti,” is among the religion’s most fundamental practices.

Fragrant things, like flowers, leaves, and perfumes offered to the gods, are said to draw in divine energy. By bringing flowers to the puja, worshippers express their religious feeling of “Astha” and ask the deity to bless them with health, money, and success.

Significance Of Offering Flowers In A Puja

Each puja’s flower offering rite has its significance. Let’s see what are those.

  • Enlighten The Faithful With Divine Mind

The smallest particles, called Pavitraks, from the idols, can be drawn to flowers. It’s a channel for conveying the divine Consciousness to believers.

  • Feel The Soothing Energies

Flowers can help you connect with the calming energy of the Sattvik waves through your sense of smell, touch, and sight.

  • Discover A Higher Power

It draws divine knowledge, desire, and action.

  • Gain Positivity

You can receive more positive energy from the idols if we give them fresh flowers. Online flower delivery in Bhubaneswar lets you bring new bloom to your home.

  • Eliminate Negative Emotions

A negative aura or energy can’t stand a chance against the flowers. It emits vibrations that are similar to those of the divine.

Benefits Of Offering Flowers In Puja

In a puja, offering flowers serves multiple benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The pleasant aromas of flowers have been shown to improve mood. It helps our ability to focus and concentrate as well.
  • The majority of the flowers can be used as a form of treatment. Being around them is a great way to avoid becoming sick.
  • The Chakras benefit from flowers. This is because their aromas serve a therapeutic purpose.
  • They have the potential to deepen our relationship with the divine. In addition, it frees us from the constraints of materialism.
  • We can feel closer to nature while gathering flowers for morning pujas. It’s also a great way to calm our nerves. However, if you are not able to go to pick flowers, you can have them delivered to your house by order flowers online Bhubaneswar.


Since flowers have such spiritual, solid, and devotional connotations in Hinduism, they are naturally the first thing that comes to mind when considering how to revere the Hindu deities. Flowers are an essential part of any puja, and now devotees have a convenient way to order and have them delivered right to their homes with the help of online flower delivery in Bhubaneswar.

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