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What Are The Samagris Used In Pooja Rituals?

What Are The Samagris Used In Pooja Rituals?

Hindus do poojas, or acts of devotional worship, to express their respect for one or more deities. The believers use hymn singing, prayer, and presents such as flowers, fruits, candles, and floral garlands to build a spiritual bond with god. It is joyfully and enthusiastically done during festivals or significant life events. Many items are needed for the pooja ceremony, and thanks to modern technology, you can now buy online pooja samagri!

The Samagris Used in Pooja Ceremonies

During pooja ceremonies, the following items are used:

1. Pooja Thali Set

A pooja thali includes a plate, an aarti diya, a kalash, a spoon, a bell, two sindoor boxes, an oil light, and two diyas. The thali is famous for its silvery look. With every essential included, they are ideal for special poojas such as rites, marriages, etc.

If you don’t have the time or energy to get to a store, search for online pooja samagri and get your products there.

2. Hawan Kund

The fire is placed in the Havan kund, the ceremonial heart of the pooja, and all the offerings are put in there. Yajna, grah pooja, marriages, naming ceremonies, and naming newborns are just a few of the many rites when a Hawan Kund is used. Various items, including wood, dry fruits, roots, natural herbs, ghee, and ghee oil, are offered in the Hawan Fire to cleanse the air in the home.

3. Kalash

A kalash is a ceremonial pot used in Hindu wedding and pooja rituals. The kalash is used to provide an offering of holy water to God. It is used to enclose a coconut during a wedding. This is a symbol of wealth and authority. The water in the kettle stands for Nature’s capacity to sustain life.

4. Brass Meenakari Plates

These brass Pooja plates have meenakari work with handcrafted symbols such as Shubh, Labh, Om, and Swastik. Meenakari is the art of decorating metal with brilliantly colored enamels. They are perfect for ceremonies like weddings or religious festivals. While you can get them from the local store, if you are running low on time, you can buy online pooja samagri conveniently. 

5. Bell

Hindu poojas often use brass bells. It is believed that the bell’s ringing ushers in divine presence and drives away evil.

6. Aarti Diyas

An oil lamp, or Diya, represents the divine qualities of Goodness, Purity, good luck, and power during a Pooja. As long as there is light, there cannot be any evil. These diyas radiate good vibes and help set a tranquil mood. They are ideal for decorating your home, pooja room, or temple and have spiritual value.


Pooja samagris are essential in Hindu rites, prayers, and homas. They are believed to maintain the purity of the ingredients. Many websites now allow you to buy online pooja samagri and have the items delivered to your door.

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